Sony will be launching its Playstation Vita (PSVita for short) in the U.S. in late February. It was already released in Japan in late 2011 for the Christmas holidays. The device combines handheld gaming with online connectivity. It is desinged to be a console in your pocket.

Here are some of the details that will help you make a buying decision:

1. Handheld cost: There are two versions. Wifi only will be $250 and Wifi/3G will be $300. You will also be able to find bundles that offer the console and games together.

2. AT&T: Sony has partnered with AT&T to deliver data. For some this will not be good news. For others having to pay a monthly fee for internet and content access may also disappoint. There are two monthly data plans available. $25 will get you 2gb of per month and $15 will get you 250mb.

3. Number of games: The initial number of games seems limited, but this is sure to change quickly. The Japan release only had 24 titles, so it would seem the US release would be similar. Little Big Planet and WipeOut are sure to be part of the initial package.

4. Netflix: Because this unit has 3G capability, Netflix seems to be a good choice for a partner. Sony wants this handheld to be more than a gaming system.

5. Cross Platform: This system will let gamers place PSVita games on PS3 and PS3 games on the Vita. The handheld is supposed to offer the freedom of being able to play anywhere, anytime.

Buy a PSVita (pre-orders are being accepted)

Take a look at a hands on demo of the handheld that is launching in the US market (video):

Want to win a PSVita and get it before anyone else? Sony has teamed up with Taco Bell to give away PSVitas every 15 minutes. Starting January 26, food-loving gamers can purchase a $5 Bucks Box and receive a game ticket with a code. The owner can determine if his ticket is a winner by logging into the Taco Bell website.


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